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you do not have to be a sculptor to do this....... what is it?

sculptors drawing space is time dedicated to creative endeavour.  every Monday people from around the world gather from 4.45 - 6.00 pm UK time to draw, paint, design, and write. we keep our microphones on and moderate the ambient noise with our own volume control. Importantly no one sees what anyone else does. the effect is one of shared space without scrutiny or evaluation. we gather together, to work in private.  

to get a flavour of the sessions, have a look at Anthony Landale's poem in the posts section.

the 'share your thoughts...' box below takes you to the forum....please feel free to share your thoughts about the sessions, ideas about drawings, your own experiences and links to other places you think might be of interest.  however, please do not post images of your work here.  

to join, please go to instagram @sculptorsdrawingspace and message Mark with an email address....the mail outs are blind copied to participants.  alternatively, fill in the contact form below; which can also be used for questions.


every now and again, an artist shares thoughts on their drawing practice. so far:

Madi Acharya-Baskerville MRSS. Artist

Barbara Beyer MRSS.  Artist

Ros Burgin MRSS.  Artist

Matthew Collings. Artist, writer and broadcaster

Anthony Landale.  Poet and leadership coach

Kiera O'Toole.  Artist Researcher

Elspeth Penfold MRSS.  Artist

Alexandra Phillips MRSS.  Artist and educator

Leonard Shapiro.  Artist and teacher, University of Cape Town

Recordings of the talks (except Barbara and Elspeth) can be accessed via the forum.